UNICORN PARTY GUIDE: Everything you need to throw a magical unicorn party in rainbow & gold glitter.

When it comes to magical birthday party or baby shower themes, it’s hard to beat a unicorn bash in rainbow and gold glitter.

We’ve had such a great time scouring the web for the best and most creative ideas and now we’re happy to bring you everything you need to throw the most magical unicorn party!


unicorn party pack decor rainbow printable and invitation

1. Magical unicorn invitations and party decor pack

Nothing gets more magical and sweet than a unicorn party theme, and we’ve prepared for you a collection of invitations & party decor that highlights this by using beautiful rainbow colors and chic gold glitter look. Start by sending out our unicorn invitations (either printable or by email) and check out our matching Unicorn Party Decor Pack. It has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect party at a fraction of the cost (and time!)  and it will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below, helping you bring everything together!


2Unicorn party favors props

2. Unicorn Party Props

Help your little guests play the part, and welcome them into your magical land with charming unicorn props! It’s super easy to make horns, tails and even rainbow tutus and it will also lead to ridiculously cute photos that you can share either online or as a printed favor, creating memories to be cherished and looked over as the years pass.



3unicorn party decor balloons confetti

3. Unicorn & Rainbow Balloons

Ballons make our hearts smile 🙂 Take out your sharpies and create some beautiful unicorn ones, cover some pastel rainbow ones with glitter, or get clear ones and fill them with rainbow confetti for a bright happy touch to your unicorn bash.



rainbow party cake ideas recipes

4. Unicorn Cake

The cake is often the centerpiece of your buffet table, and we love it that in this case, you can go as simple or as intricate as you’d like and still create something truly special to add that final sweet touch to your unicorn party.


unicorn party pinata rainbow

5.  Unicorn Pinata

Pinatas are so much fun! and no one will be able to resist a unicorn shaped one 🙂 However, beating it up might be a bit dramatic in this case so we suggest attaching rainbow ribbons and letting your guests pull it open and be showered in rainbow colored treats and confetti.



unicorn magial party healthy food ideas decor

6. Healthy Magical Treats

Parties are the perfect occasion to indulge 0ur sweet tooth and savory cravings, but it’s also a great time to enjoy delicious and healthy treats. Make fruits extra cute by arranging them in rainbow shapes, covering them with sprinkles, putting them into a unicorn horn cone or using a cookie cutter like this one to create fruity unicorns. You can also make classic PB&J sandwiches, cut part off the top bread off with a cookie cutter and drizzle some sprinkles on top for a fun touch.



unicorn party games activities

7. Unicorn Party Games & Activities

Take the fun to a magical level by delighting your little guests with some DIY fun: Mini unicorn terrariums, edible unicorn horns or unicorn shoes! You can also enjoy some old school fun with the whimsical version of these two classics: ‘Pin the horn on the Unicorn’ and ‘Slip the hula through the unicorn horn’


Unicorn Sweet Favors Party

8. Unicorn Favors


This party packs a lot of favors throughout (unicorn props when your guests walk in, unicorn terrariums from the DIY activities, sweet treats from the Pinata… so there’s really no need to get to crazy for an official treat! However, it’s always nice to give our guests a little something as they leave our parties, so some of our easy but pretty favorites are ‘Unicorn Horn’ lolly pops, ‘Unicorn Poop Jelly Beans’, ‘Rainbow Seed M&Ms or Skittles’… and for some non-edible fun, rainbow watercolors or crayons and a printed out page of a unicorn should definitely do the trick!



unicorn party food sweets desserts recipes ideas

9.Unicorn Sweet Treats

On a sweet note.. We can’t forget the not so healthy treats! It is a party after all 🙂 Go crazy with your unicorn rainbow theme and see what cupcakes, cookies and cake pops you come up with!


 unicorn party backdrop decor printable

10. Rainbow Photo Backdrop

Set up the perfect backdrop for all the lovely creations we’ve mentioned above with balloons, tissue paper strips or a black and white unicorn illustration that your little guests can color in, for some extra fun!


Hope these ideas have inspired you to create the most magical unicorn party, we’re sure you’ll delight children and adults alike! Now let’s get this planning part started! Be sure to check our unicorn invites and party decor pack and good luck with the rest of the party planning!

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