UNICORN PARTY GUIDE: Everything you need to throw a magical unicorn party in rainbow & gold glitter.

When it comes to magical birthday party or baby shower themes, it’s hard to beat a unicorn bash in rainbow and gold glitter.

We’ve had such a great time scouring the web for the best and most creative ideas and now we’re happy to bring you everything you need to throw the most magical unicorn party!


unicorn party pack decor rainbow printable and invitation

1. Magical unicorn invitations and party decor pack

Nothing gets more magical and sweet than a unicorn party theme, and we’ve prepared for you a collection of invitations & party decor that highlights this by using beautiful rainbow colors and chic gold glitter look. Start by sending out our unicorn invitations (either printable or by email) and check out our matching Unicorn Party Decor Pack. It has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect party at a fraction of the cost (and time!)  and it will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below, helping you bring everything together!


2Unicorn party favors props

2. Unicorn Party Props

Help your little guests play the part, and welcome them into your magical land with charming unicorn props! It’s super easy to make horns, tails and even rainbow tutus and it will also lead to ridiculously cute photos that you can share either online or as a printed favor, creating memories to be cherished and looked over as the years pass.



3unicorn party decor balloons confetti

3. Unicorn & Rainbow Balloons

Ballons make our hearts smile 🙂 Take out your sharpies and create some beautiful unicorn ones, cover some pastel rainbow ones with glitter, or get clear ones and fill them with rainbow confetti for a bright happy touch to your unicorn bash.



rainbow party cake ideas recipes

4. Unicorn Cake

The cake is often the centerpiece of your buffet table, and we love it that in this case, you can go as simple or as intricate as you’d like and still create something truly special to add that final sweet touch to your unicorn party.


unicorn party pinata rainbow

5.  Unicorn Pinata

Pinatas are so much fun! and no one will be able to resist a unicorn shaped one 🙂 However, beating it up might be a bit dramatic in this case so we suggest attaching rainbow ribbons and letting your guests pull it open and be showered in rainbow colored treats and confetti.



unicorn magial party healthy food ideas decor

6. Healthy Magical Treats

Parties are the perfect occasion to indulge 0ur sweet tooth and savory cravings, but it’s also a great time to enjoy delicious and healthy treats. Make fruits extra cute by arranging them in rainbow shapes, covering them with sprinkles, putting them into a unicorn horn cone or using a cookie cutter like this one to create fruity unicorns. You can also make classic PB&J sandwiches, cut part off the top bread off with a cookie cutter and drizzle some sprinkles on top for a fun touch.



unicorn party games activities

7. Unicorn Party Games & Activities

Take the fun to a magical level by delighting your little guests with some DIY fun: Mini unicorn terrariums, edible unicorn horns or unicorn shoes! You can also enjoy some old school fun with the whimsical version of these two classics: ‘Pin the horn on the Unicorn’ and ‘Slip the hula through the unicorn horn’


Unicorn Sweet Favors Party

8. Unicorn Favors


This party packs a lot of favors throughout (unicorn props when your guests walk in, unicorn terrariums from the DIY activities, sweet treats from the Pinata… so there’s really no need to get to crazy for an official treat! However, it’s always nice to give our guests a little something as they leave our parties, so some of our easy but pretty favorites are ‘Unicorn Horn’ lolly pops, ‘Unicorn Poop Jelly Beans’, ‘Rainbow Seed M&Ms or Skittles’… and for some non-edible fun, rainbow watercolors or crayons and a printed out page of a unicorn should definitely do the trick!



unicorn party food sweets desserts recipes ideas

9.Unicorn Sweet Treats

On a sweet note.. We can’t forget the not so healthy treats! It is a party after all 🙂 Go crazy with your unicorn rainbow theme and see what cupcakes, cookies and cake pops you come up with!


 unicorn party backdrop decor printable

10. Rainbow Photo Backdrop

Set up the perfect backdrop for all the lovely creations we’ve mentioned above with balloons, tissue paper strips or a black and white unicorn illustration that your little guests can color in, for some extra fun!


Hope these ideas have inspired you to create the most magical unicorn party, we’re sure you’ll delight children and adults alike! Now let’s get this planning part started! Be sure to check our unicorn invites and party decor pack and good luck with the rest of the party planning!

WONDERLAND PARTY: Top 10 ideas for a magical Alice in Wonderland celebration!

Are you ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole to celebrate a mad tea party of your own!?  Wether for an “un” birthday, baby shower or random gathering of friends, this is the perfect theme to set the tone for a celebration full of creativity and fun. We have compiled for you the top 10 ideas to create the perfect Alice in Wonderland party.


Alice in wonderland party ideas invitation decor wonderbash

Alice in Wonderland party decor printable pack banner labels favor cupcake wraps print

1. Wonderland invitations and party decor pack

A little bit vintage, a little bit sweet with a touch of madness and whimsy – that is the recipe for our Alice in Wonderland party decor pack and invitations!  This wonderland party pack has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect party at a fraction of the cost (and time!) It will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below and really bring everything together!



2Alice in wonderland party photo booth props ideas

2. Wonderland Photo Backdrop

Second to creating the most enjoyable party for you and your guests, come creating a record of those memories for fun future perusing and sharing. There are dozens of fun photo opps that can be created around this theme, but our 2 favorites by far come straight out of the story:

  1. Falling down the rabbit hole: Top down photos are trendier than ever and in this case, they couldn’t be put to a better use than creating your own rabbit hole agains a black fabric. Just fill it up with props, have your guests lay flat in the center and have someone on a ladder or stool take the shot.
  2. White rabbits house: After Alice eats the magic cookie (or drinks the potion in the second movie) she grows too large for the white rabbits house, and from here is where we draw our inspiration to create the perfect photo opp! Use a big packing box to create a little rabbit house and then have your ‘Giant’ guests pose inside!

Both of these photos will delight all party goers, no matter their age and they will also serve as beautiful party favors to be cherished forever. You can post the photos online on the spot, or print them if you own a photo printer. You could also surprise your guests by handing them over a few days later 🙂



3Wonderland party ideas decor playing cards queen of hearts

3. Queen of Hearts Playing Card Decor & Treats

Honor the Queen of Hearts (we all know better than to get on her bad side) and fill your wonderland party with heart-playing-card-inspired decor and treats. Our favorites are the ‘welcoming army’ and the rice crispy treats!



Mad hatters tea party ideas decor wonderland

4. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Decor


You can easily incorporate elements of the whimsical mad hatter’s tea party into your table and decor with vintage tea cups and chairs that you can pick up at garage sale or borrow from friends and family (be sure to mismatch! We’re all mad here after all)


Wonderland party cake ideas easy recipe

5.  Alice in Wonderland Cake

The cake is always a must, and you can go as complex or simple as you’d like and still create something amazing that will thrill your guests.



Wonderland party ideas food healthy

6. Healthy Wonderland Treats

While celebrations are the perfect chance to indulge 0ur sweet tooth and savory cravings, it’s also a great idea to delight your guests with delicious and healthy treats. Our favorites are Wonderland Strawberry & Banana ‘Mushrooms’, Caprese Catterpillars (Would also look great with green grapes or melon round scoops) and Whole Grain & Strawberry Tea party heart sandwiches.



Alice in wonderland party decor flowers faces ideas original

7. Flowers With Faces Wonderland Party Decor

These flowers are too magical not to include! They take only a few minutes to make and they will really help bring your theme to live 🙂 All you need is tissue paper and plastic eyes for the middle version, and real flowers and plastic eyes for the examples on the sides of the pic.



Alice in Wonderland original party favors ideas

8. Wonderland Favors


Aside from the usual sweet treats, let your creativity shine with unusual wonderland inspired favors such as vintage key necklances, mad hat props, playing card bow ties or tea cup vases.



Wonderland clock face decor food ideas

9.Clock Face Decor & Treats

Play homage to the white rabbit and his quest to not being late by decorating with clock faces. You can make round table mantels, banners, cookies, cupcakes or even the cake!


Alice in Wonderland Party Games Activities Mad Hatter Flamingo Croquet Pin the Smile Chesire Cat

10. Alice in Wonderland Games

There are so many fun activities to organize around this theme, we have no doubt you’ll create an event full of wonder 😉 Some of our favorite party games are:

  • Put the grin on the chesire cat: Get creative an draw your own chesire cat and create extra grins for pinning, or let your guests create and color their own grins before the pinning begins!
  • Wonderland scavenger hunt: Fill your event space with wonderland related treats and props such as clocks, sweets with ‘Eat Me’ labels, etc… And play on the ‘I’m late’ theme by giving your guests a limited amount of time to find as many treats as they can. This can also be a fun way to fill up those favor bags!
  • Mad Hatter Toss: Line up your players and see who can throw the hat closest or over a tea cup. This can also be another great DIY activity where guests get to customize their own hat beforehand.
  • Flamingo Croquet: Make your own flamingo croquet mallets with these flamingo props and give your ball an extra special touch and use sharpies to paint it like a hedgehog.


We hope you have enjoyed our favorite alice party ideas, and suggest you click your way through our rabbit hole and take a peek at our wonderland party decor pack & invites.

Good luck with the alice in wonderland party planning!

Mermaid Party: Top 10 ideas for a perfect bash under the sea!

If the time has come to celebrate your little mermaid’s birthday, put on your fins and jump right in! We have compiled for you the top 10 ideas to create the perfect party under the sea!


Mermaid party decor pack printable WonderBash

1. Mermaid party decor pack

Inspired by ‘the little mermaid’, we chose purple and aqua as our colors and added in some sparkly gold & silver glitter for good measure 😉 This printable mermaid party pack has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect birthday party at a fraction of the cost (and time!) It will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below and really bring everything together!



2. Under the sea backdrop

Let your mermaid treats shine by creating a fun backdrop to set up your buffet against. Use tissue paper, multi-colored card board, fabric or glitter paper for a beautiful coordinated look.



3. Crab Sandwiches & sweets

No mermaid party would be complete without her hard shelled friends showing up for the fun. Create a variety of crab-inspired treats from savory to sweet, with plenty of healthy options to choose from!




4. Mermaid tail favors for your guests

Make sure all of your little guests have a chance to partake in the mermaid fun by creating tails as mermaid party favors! Get some sparkly fabric and let your imagination do the rest. You’ll also enjoy the extra sweet pics for years to come 🙂




5.  A mermaid cake

The cake is always a must, and you can go as complex or simple as you’d like and still create something amazing that will make your little mermaid swoon.




6. Ocean Water Punch or Jello Cups

Choose your favorite blue punch recipe (or jello), throw in some Swedish Fish and you’re set! It’s so easy to create the perfect mermaid party drinks & treats 🙂




7. Jellyfish lanterns

These gorgeous lanterns take minutes to make and they will really help bring your theme to live 🙂 All you need are inexpensive chinese lanterns that you can spray paint in your party colors and matching tissue paper!




8. A Little Mermaid Chandlier (Dinglehopper included)

We couldn’t resist this cheeky reference to the movie, this easy DIY will certainly make the delights of both adults & kid guest’s alike. Make it on a budget by spray painting dollar store finds in gold or aqua, and feel free to get creative by attaching beads and shells.




9.Oyster & Pearl Cookiese

It doesn’t get any sweeter than these oyster & pearl cookies. They are delicious, incredibly easy to make and will really add a sweet touch to your mermaid party. Use your favorite ‘shell-like’ cookies (we like the lemon or short-bread ones), aqua colored icing, and white m&m’s (from the coconut packs) or mini marshmallows.



10. Mermaid party invitations

We’ve created these printable invites to match every aspect of your gorgeous aqua & purple mermaid party 🙂 You can download them here, send them out and let the under the sea party planning begin!

HELLO KITTY PARTY: Top 10 Ideas for a PURRR-tastic party in rainbow colors

Hello Kitty Party

Got a kitty-obsessed little one at home? Plan a super cute & fun Hello Kitty party in rainbow colors!

This theme is perfect for baby showers and birthday parties, and it’s incredibly easy to create the perfect atmosphere with brightly colored decor and a touch of DIY creativity.

Begin by sending out your Hello Kitty Invitations, and let’s get the planning started!


1. Printable Hello Kitty Party Decor: One of the easiest ways to create a unique & beautiful party is through our Hello Kitty Party Printable Pack, where you will find everything you need for a perfect event: Banners, toppers, flags, thank you tags, photo props and so much more!! You can also find the matching Hello Kitty invitations here.

Hello Kitty Printable Decor Pack Rainbow


2. A sweet backdrop: Buffet tables serve as the anchor and meeting point of most parties, and it’s easy to make yours pop with a gorgeous backdrop made with fabric, tissue paper or cardboard! Take a look at our fave for inspiration:

Hello Kitty Party Backdrop Banner Decor


3. Pretty & Colorful Balloons: Decorate with balloons to fill big spaces beautifully, without having to spend a lot of $$. You can create flower shapes, bows, kitty faces, etc… Or fill them up with Rainbow confetti for a super chic look!

Hello Kitty Party Decor Balloons


4. DIY Hello Kitty Placemats, Cups, Plates & Lanterns: These sweet decor items can be created in minutes!

DIY Hello Kitty Party Decor Cups Plates Placemat Lantern


5. Hello Kitty Punch: Any red or pink drink would be perfect for this party! Choose your favorite recipe and give your punch bowl or container a hello kitty touch by adding on some ribbon & a pretty label.

Hello Kitty Party Punch Food


6. Hello Kitty Sandwiches: It’s always good to add some healthy choices to your menu, to make up for the sugary overload 🙂 These sandwiches can be filled with your choice of meats, cheeses or veggies and they couldn’t be cuter! You can find a Hello Kitty Sandwich presser here.

Hello Kitty Party Food Sandwiches


7. Hello Kitty Fruits: To add even more healthy yummyness to the table, make sure to include fruit & veggies. Make them fun and themed by cutting them in fun shapes with this $5 cutter, putting toppers on them, etc…

Hello Kitty Party Food Fruits Healthy Kebabs


8. Hello Kitty Decadent Treats: Cookies, Cupcakes & Cake: Choose your favorite cookie recipe and get to work with this sweet cookie cutter set, or make them round and add in some mini m&m’s for fun colored treats. A cake is always the star of the party buffet table, and you can’t go wrong with this easy to use Hello Kitty Pan! If you’d rather not spend the dough, make your favorite recipe in a regular round pan, and then decorate it with some kitty figures or make them out of fondant.

Hello Kitty Party Food Sweets Cookies Cupcakes Cake


9. Hello Kitty Party Activities: Fill this party with smiles & laughs by organizing these fun and easy activities: Pin the bow on Hello Kitty, make your own candy necklace, Hello Kitty coloring table and a Hello Kitty Pinata! You can also create a cute Hello Kitty Photo booth with a cardboard box and some acrylic paint:

Hello Kitty Party Activities Games Photo Booth Pinata


10. Hello Kitty Favors: Headbands, Pez Dispensers, Coloring sheets with a few pretty crayons… the possibilities are endless to send a little bit of the party fun home with each of your guests!

Hello Kitty Party Favors

Let’s get this Purrrr-tastic party started! Send out our printable invitations, and find our matching printable Hello Kitty Party Decor here!

PRINCESS PARTY GUIDE: Everything you need to throw the prettiest princess bash.

If your little princess is obsessed with everything rosey and sparkly, a royal bash in blush pink and gold is the way to go for her next birthday party.

We suggest staying away from the Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Elsa of the moment and instead making her the star of her own princess party by personalizing the decor with her name or even her profile shape for the cutest royal portrait.

Start by sending out our printable Princess Invitations and follow our guide below for tons of great decor, food & games/activity ideas!

Princess party guide decor ideas food pink gold WonderBash


The key to setting up the perfect princess party atmosphere is to create a sweet royal look by mixing blush pink elements with golden sparkly crowns and castles throughout, from the entrance sign to the party favors to be handed out at the end… Continue reading as we show you our favorite ideas!

Princess party decor pink gold wonderbash

1.Princess Party Backdrop

One of the most important elements in tying any party together is the backdrop. It will immediately bring guests attention towards your buffet table or play area, and it’s a must for cute photos that will last a lifetime. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest things to make! Tissue paper will go a long way, as well as fabric, balloons and card board cutouts. We love these:

Princess party backdrops ideas decor wonderbash

2. Printable Decor

One of the easiest ways to throw a custom princess party full of unforgettable little details is to use our PRINTABLE PRINCESS PARTY PACK; with everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere: Banner, toppers, welcome signs, bottle wraps, thank you tags, centerpieces and so much more! All you have to do is download, print as many times as you need either at home or at your local printing shop, cut & decorate away!

Princess party decor printable WonderBash pink gold

3. Pom Poms

Pom-poms are a princess’ best friend. Here at WonderBash we believe that no party is complete without pom-poms; they are super easy to make, fill up the space quickly and add some serious whimsy.

Princess party pompoms ideas decor

4. Glitter Gallore

Modge-podge is girls best friend when it comes to working with glitter. Use it to decorate balloons, create big golden letters with her name one them, or visit your local dollar tree to stock up on cheap glass cups and candle holders that you can easily turn into serving stands by covering in glitter and gorilla-glueing on the bottom of a $1 glass plate:

princess party decor ideas gold glitter

5. Princess Profile Decor

Create a profile cutout of your child’s face following these simple steps, and use it to decorate:

  1. Take a photo of your child facing sideways in front of an empty wall
  2. Print the photo as large as you want to make the portrait.
  3. Cut off the area around the child’s face, and now you’re left with a stencil of the profile that you can use with any kind of paper to decorate! (Gold glitter paper is our fave)

Princess profile party decor pink gold wonderbash frame

6. Princess Pinata

No party is complete without a pinata, it’s just such a thrill for the little ones and not too hard to DIY! You can go for a simple but stunning crown shape, or try your hand at a castle or carriage… A golden number for the year your princess is turning would also be a great addition to the party.

Princess party decor pinata


1.Princess Pink Potion

Magic and fairy tale princesses come hand in hand, and here’s your opportunity to add some extra wonder to the party with a mysterious and delicious pink punch. Pink lemonade, cranberry juice, strawberries and soda water would be a great combo 😉

Princess party pink punch WonderBash

2. Princess Sweets

Buy a crown shaped cookie mold and get a baking to create irresistible and super easy cookies. You can decorate them with pink fondant or the ever classic multi colored sprinkles to add a fun touch. Another great choice are white chocolate covered rice krispy treat pops, or princess cupcakes:

Princess party cookies food ideas wonderbash

3. Pretty & Healthy Treats

Because princesses are also subject to tooth decay 😉 we suggest balancing out your decadent treats with some healthy ones such as sandwiches, fruits or mini yogurt & granola cups.

Fruit is as pretty as it’s delicious and healthy. We suggest sticking to the pink ones to match the theme, and arranging them in wand shapes.

For the sandwiches, PB&J or Ham & Cheese are both pink creations that will fill up the kids and keep them energize through all the party fun. We suggest using a cookie mold to shape your sandwiches, or making little wraps.

Princess party food fruit healthy ideas pink gold wonderbash

4. Princess Popcorn

Both little ones and big one’s alike tend to adore popcorn, and it’s so easy and cheap to make! Mix pink melted candy melts with the popped corn and make it extra fun & pretty by adding in pink m&m’s or cranberries, candy hearts, sprinkles, etc…

Princess popcorn food party ideas wonderbash

Smart tip: Pretty little pink popcorn bags can also make super sweet & cheap party favors that both kids & adults will love.

6. A Castle Cake

Creating a castle cake can seem a daunting project, but you can keep it as simple or intricate as you’d like and still achieve great results:

Princess castle cake party ideas pink gold wonderbash

Check out this video for the step by step:


1.Custom Profile Frames

This is one of those activities that turns into the perfect party favored that will be treasured by the kids and their parents forever. It may take a little while to get all of them done, but if you coordinate it will and have each child come throughout the entire event, it can be done! We suggest enlisting the help of a creative niece, or teenage friend’s daughter that could be in charge of the portraits for some extra allowance.

2. Make your own princess crown

All you need for this fun DIY princess party activity are some cardboard princess crown cutouts, gems, glitter and glue!

Princess party diy make your own crown game

3. Pin the kiss on the frog

This fun game will delight your young princess and add a touch of whimsy to your decor. It’s super easy with our FREE FROG PRINCE PRINTABLE that matches the rest of our Printable Princess Party Pack!

  1. Download the frog prince and kisses files for free below
  2. Print the frog prince sheet on poster size 20″ x 16 inches (about $12 at your local walmart, fedex office, etc..)
  3. Print as many of the kisses as you need on letter sized paper, and enjoy!



Princess party free printable

4. Princess photo booth

Set up some princess props, a pretty golden frame that the kids can stand behind and you’re well on your way to creating gorgeous photos of the event.

Princess party photo booth frame

5. Pass the crown around

This is a princess version of musical chairs, where the kids will all pass the crown around a circle, and when the music stops whoever is holding the crown is out and gets to be the next one to stop the music (a little treat to avoid anyone feeling left out 🙂

6. Princess jewel hunting

Download this free printable jewel template from minieco to make beautiful paper jewels and hide them around the house or yard.

The final princess touch:

The most important part of being a brave beautiful princess is on the inside, but since this is a fully themed princess party, it’s also the perfect occasion to be a princess on the outside and wear a pretty pink and gold outfit:

Princes party outfit crown tutu pink gold

We hope you enjoy planning this party as much as we enjoyed preparing this post for you! You can find our PRINCESS PRINTABLE DECOR PACK HERE and our matching PRINCESS INVITATIONS HERE:

Princess Party Decor Printable and Invitations