Mermaid Party: Top 10 ideas for a perfect bash under the sea!

If the time has come to celebrate your little mermaid’s birthday, put on your fins and jump right in! We have compiled for you the top 10 ideas to create the perfect party under the sea!


Mermaid party decor pack printable WonderBash

1. Mermaid party decor pack

Inspired by ‘the little mermaid’, we chose purple and aqua as our colors and added in some sparkly gold & silver glitter for good measure 😉 This printable mermaid party pack has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect birthday party at a fraction of the cost (and time!) It will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below and really bring everything together!



2. Under the sea backdrop

Let your mermaid treats shine by creating a fun backdrop to set up your buffet against. Use tissue paper, multi-colored card board, fabric or glitter paper for a beautiful coordinated look.



3. Crab Sandwiches & sweets

No mermaid party would be complete without her hard shelled friends showing up for the fun. Create a variety of crab-inspired treats from savory to sweet, with plenty of healthy options to choose from!




4. Mermaid tail favors for your guests

Make sure all of your little guests have a chance to partake in the mermaid fun by creating tails as mermaid party favors! Get some sparkly fabric and let your imagination do the rest. You’ll also enjoy the extra sweet pics for years to come 🙂




5.  A mermaid cake

The cake is always a must, and you can go as complex or simple as you’d like and still create something amazing that will make your little mermaid swoon.




6. Ocean Water Punch or Jello Cups

Choose your favorite blue punch recipe (or jello), throw in some Swedish Fish and you’re set! It’s so easy to create the perfect mermaid party drinks & treats 🙂




7. Jellyfish lanterns

These gorgeous lanterns take minutes to make and they will really help bring your theme to live 🙂 All you need are inexpensive chinese lanterns that you can spray paint in your party colors and matching tissue paper!




8. A Little Mermaid Chandlier (Dinglehopper included)

We couldn’t resist this cheeky reference to the movie, this easy DIY will certainly make the delights of both adults & kid guest’s alike. Make it on a budget by spray painting dollar store finds in gold or aqua, and feel free to get creative by attaching beads and shells.




9.Oyster & Pearl Cookiese

It doesn’t get any sweeter than these oyster & pearl cookies. They are delicious, incredibly easy to make and will really add a sweet touch to your mermaid party. Use your favorite ‘shell-like’ cookies (we like the lemon or short-bread ones), aqua colored icing, and white m&m’s (from the coconut packs) or mini marshmallows.



10. Mermaid party invitations

We’ve created these printable invites to match every aspect of your gorgeous aqua & purple mermaid party 🙂 You can download them here, send them out and let the under the sea party planning begin!

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