HELLO KITTY PARTY: Top 10 Ideas for a PURRR-tastic party in rainbow colors

Hello Kitty Party

Got a kitty-obsessed little one at home? Plan a super cute & fun Hello Kitty party in rainbow colors!

This theme is perfect for baby showers and birthday parties, and it’s incredibly easy to create the perfect atmosphere with brightly colored decor and a touch of DIY creativity.

Begin by sending out your Hello Kitty Invitations, and let’s get the planning started!


1. Printable Hello Kitty Party Decor: One of the easiest ways to create a unique & beautiful party is through our Hello Kitty Party Printable Pack, where you will find everything you need for a perfect event: Banners, toppers, flags, thank you tags, photo props and so much more!! You can also find the matching Hello Kitty invitations here.

Hello Kitty Printable Decor Pack Rainbow


2. A sweet backdrop: Buffet tables serve as the anchor and meeting point of most parties, and it’s easy to make yours pop with a gorgeous backdrop made with fabric, tissue paper or cardboard! Take a look at our fave for inspiration:

Hello Kitty Party Backdrop Banner Decor


3. Pretty & Colorful Balloons: Decorate with balloons to fill big spaces beautifully, without having to spend a lot of $$. You can create flower shapes, bows, kitty faces, etc… Or fill them up with Rainbow confetti for a super chic look!

Hello Kitty Party Decor Balloons


4. DIY Hello Kitty Placemats, Cups, Plates & Lanterns: These sweet decor items can be created in minutes!

DIY Hello Kitty Party Decor Cups Plates Placemat Lantern


5. Hello Kitty Punch: Any red or pink drink would be perfect for this party! Choose your favorite recipe and give your punch bowl or container a hello kitty touch by adding on some ribbon & a pretty label.

Hello Kitty Party Punch Food


6. Hello Kitty Sandwiches: It’s always good to add some healthy choices to your menu, to make up for the sugary overload 🙂 These sandwiches can be filled with your choice of meats, cheeses or veggies and they couldn’t be cuter! You can find a Hello Kitty Sandwich presser here.

Hello Kitty Party Food Sandwiches


7. Hello Kitty Fruits: To add even more healthy yummyness to the table, make sure to include fruit & veggies. Make them fun and themed by cutting them in fun shapes with this $5 cutter, putting toppers on them, etc…

Hello Kitty Party Food Fruits Healthy Kebabs


8. Hello Kitty Decadent Treats: Cookies, Cupcakes & Cake: Choose your favorite cookie recipe and get to work with this sweet cookie cutter set, or make them round and add in some mini m&m’s for fun colored treats. A cake is always the star of the party buffet table, and you can’t go wrong with this easy to use Hello Kitty Pan! If you’d rather not spend the dough, make your favorite recipe in a regular round pan, and then decorate it with some kitty figures or make them out of fondant.

Hello Kitty Party Food Sweets Cookies Cupcakes Cake


9. Hello Kitty Party Activities: Fill this party with smiles & laughs by organizing these fun and easy activities: Pin the bow on Hello Kitty, make your own candy necklace, Hello Kitty coloring table and a Hello Kitty Pinata! You can also create a cute Hello Kitty Photo booth with a cardboard box and some acrylic paint:

Hello Kitty Party Activities Games Photo Booth Pinata


10. Hello Kitty Favors: Headbands, Pez Dispensers, Coloring sheets with a few pretty crayons… the possibilities are endless to send a little bit of the party fun home with each of your guests!

Hello Kitty Party Favors

Let’s get this Purrrr-tastic party started! Send out our printable invitations, and find our matching printable Hello Kitty Party Decor here!

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