WONDERLAND PARTY: Top 10 ideas for a magical Alice in Wonderland celebration!

Are you ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole to celebrate a mad tea party of your own!?  Wether for an “un” birthday, baby shower or random gathering of friends, this is the perfect theme to set the tone for a celebration full of creativity and fun. We have compiled for you the top 10 ideas to create the perfect Alice in Wonderland party.


Alice in wonderland party ideas invitation decor wonderbash

Alice in Wonderland party decor printable pack banner labels favor cupcake wraps print

1. Wonderland invitations and party decor pack

A little bit vintage, a little bit sweet with a touch of madness and whimsy – that is the recipe for our Alice in Wonderland party decor pack and invitations!  This wonderland party pack has everything you need to put on a Pinterest–perfect party at a fraction of the cost (and time!) It will look gorgeous when combined with the rest of our ideas below and really bring everything together!



2Alice in wonderland party photo booth props ideas

2. Wonderland Photo Backdrop

Second to creating the most enjoyable party for you and your guests, come creating a record of those memories for fun future perusing and sharing. There are dozens of fun photo opps that can be created around this theme, but our 2 favorites by far come straight out of the story:

  1. Falling down the rabbit hole: Top down photos are trendier than ever and in this case, they couldn’t be put to a better use than creating your own rabbit hole agains a black fabric. Just fill it up with props, have your guests lay flat in the center and have someone on a ladder or stool take the shot.
  2. White rabbits house: After Alice eats the magic cookie (or drinks the potion in the second movie) she grows too large for the white rabbits house, and from here is where we draw our inspiration to create the perfect photo opp! Use a big packing box to create a little rabbit house and then have your ‘Giant’ guests pose inside!

Both of these photos will delight all party goers, no matter their age and they will also serve as beautiful party favors to be cherished forever. You can post the photos online on the spot, or print them if you own a photo printer. You could also surprise your guests by handing them over a few days later 🙂



3Wonderland party ideas decor playing cards queen of hearts

3. Queen of Hearts Playing Card Decor & Treats

Honor the Queen of Hearts (we all know better than to get on her bad side) and fill your wonderland party with heart-playing-card-inspired decor and treats. Our favorites are the ‘welcoming army’ and the rice crispy treats!



Mad hatters tea party ideas decor wonderland

4. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Decor


You can easily incorporate elements of the whimsical mad hatter’s tea party into your table and decor with vintage tea cups and chairs that you can pick up at garage sale or borrow from friends and family (be sure to mismatch! We’re all mad here after all)


Wonderland party cake ideas easy recipe

5.  Alice in Wonderland Cake

The cake is always a must, and you can go as complex or simple as you’d like and still create something amazing that will thrill your guests.



Wonderland party ideas food healthy

6. Healthy Wonderland Treats

While celebrations are the perfect chance to indulge 0ur sweet tooth and savory cravings, it’s also a great idea to delight your guests with delicious and healthy treats. Our favorites are Wonderland Strawberry & Banana ‘Mushrooms’, Caprese Catterpillars (Would also look great with green grapes or melon round scoops) and Whole Grain & Strawberry Tea party heart sandwiches.



Alice in wonderland party decor flowers faces ideas original

7. Flowers With Faces Wonderland Party Decor

These flowers are too magical not to include! They take only a few minutes to make and they will really help bring your theme to live 🙂 All you need is tissue paper and plastic eyes for the middle version, and real flowers and plastic eyes for the examples on the sides of the pic.



Alice in Wonderland original party favors ideas

8. Wonderland Favors


Aside from the usual sweet treats, let your creativity shine with unusual wonderland inspired favors such as vintage key necklances, mad hat props, playing card bow ties or tea cup vases.



Wonderland clock face decor food ideas

9.Clock Face Decor & Treats

Play homage to the white rabbit and his quest to not being late by decorating with clock faces. You can make round table mantels, banners, cookies, cupcakes or even the cake!


Alice in Wonderland Party Games Activities Mad Hatter Flamingo Croquet Pin the Smile Chesire Cat

10. Alice in Wonderland Games

There are so many fun activities to organize around this theme, we have no doubt you’ll create an event full of wonder 😉 Some of our favorite party games are:

  • Put the grin on the chesire cat: Get creative an draw your own chesire cat and create extra grins for pinning, or let your guests create and color their own grins before the pinning begins!
  • Wonderland scavenger hunt: Fill your event space with wonderland related treats and props such as clocks, sweets with ‘Eat Me’ labels, etc… And play on the ‘I’m late’ theme by giving your guests a limited amount of time to find as many treats as they can. This can also be a fun way to fill up those favor bags!
  • Mad Hatter Toss: Line up your players and see who can throw the hat closest or over a tea cup. This can also be another great DIY activity where guests get to customize their own hat beforehand.
  • Flamingo Croquet: Make your own flamingo croquet mallets with these flamingo props and give your ball an extra special touch and use sharpies to paint it like a hedgehog.


We hope you have enjoyed our favorite alice party ideas, and suggest you click your way through our rabbit hole and take a peek at our wonderland party decor pack & invites.

Good luck with the alice in wonderland party planning!

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