PRINCESS PARTY GUIDE: Everything you need to throw the prettiest princess bash.

If your little princess is obsessed with everything rosey and sparkly, a royal bash in blush pink and gold is the way to go for her next birthday party.

We suggest staying away from the Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Elsa of the moment and instead making her the star of her own princess party by personalizing the decor with her name or even her profile shape for the cutest royal portrait.

Start by sending out our printable Princess Invitations and follow our guide below for tons of great decor, food & games/activity ideas!

Princess party guide decor ideas food pink gold WonderBash


The key to setting up the perfect princess party atmosphere is to create a sweet royal look by mixing blush pink elements with golden sparkly crowns and castles throughout, from the entrance sign to the party favors to be handed out at the end… Continue reading as we show you our favorite ideas!

Princess party decor pink gold wonderbash

1.Princess Party Backdrop

One of the most important elements in tying any party together is the backdrop. It will immediately bring guests attention towards your buffet table or play area, and it’s a must for cute photos that will last a lifetime. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest things to make! Tissue paper will go a long way, as well as fabric, balloons and card board cutouts. We love these:

Princess party backdrops ideas decor wonderbash

2. Printable Decor

One of the easiest ways to throw a custom princess party full of unforgettable little details is to use our PRINTABLE PRINCESS PARTY PACK; with everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere: Banner, toppers, welcome signs, bottle wraps, thank you tags, centerpieces and so much more! All you have to do is download, print as many times as you need either at home or at your local printing shop, cut & decorate away!

Princess party decor printable WonderBash pink gold

3. Pom Poms

Pom-poms are a princess’ best friend. Here at WonderBash we believe that no party is complete without pom-poms; they are super easy to make, fill up the space quickly and add some serious whimsy.

Princess party pompoms ideas decor

4. Glitter Gallore

Modge-podge is girls best friend when it comes to working with glitter. Use it to decorate balloons, create big golden letters with her name one them, or visit your local dollar tree to stock up on cheap glass cups and candle holders that you can easily turn into serving stands by covering in glitter and gorilla-glueing on the bottom of a $1 glass plate:

princess party decor ideas gold glitter

5. Princess Profile Decor

Create a profile cutout of your child’s face following these simple steps, and use it to decorate:

  1. Take a photo of your child facing sideways in front of an empty wall
  2. Print the photo as large as you want to make the portrait.
  3. Cut off the area around the child’s face, and now you’re left with a stencil of the profile that you can use with any kind of paper to decorate! (Gold glitter paper is our fave)

Princess profile party decor pink gold wonderbash frame

6. Princess Pinata

No party is complete without a pinata, it’s just such a thrill for the little ones and not too hard to DIY! You can go for a simple but stunning crown shape, or try your hand at a castle or carriage… A golden number for the year your princess is turning would also be a great addition to the party.

Princess party decor pinata


1.Princess Pink Potion

Magic and fairy tale princesses come hand in hand, and here’s your opportunity to add some extra wonder to the party with a mysterious and delicious pink punch. Pink lemonade, cranberry juice, strawberries and soda water would be a great combo 😉

Princess party pink punch WonderBash

2. Princess Sweets

Buy a crown shaped cookie mold and get a baking to create irresistible and super easy cookies. You can decorate them with pink fondant or the ever classic multi colored sprinkles to add a fun touch. Another great choice are white chocolate covered rice krispy treat pops, or princess cupcakes:

Princess party cookies food ideas wonderbash

3. Pretty & Healthy Treats

Because princesses are also subject to tooth decay 😉 we suggest balancing out your decadent treats with some healthy ones such as sandwiches, fruits or mini yogurt & granola cups.

Fruit is as pretty as it’s delicious and healthy. We suggest sticking to the pink ones to match the theme, and arranging them in wand shapes.

For the sandwiches, PB&J or Ham & Cheese are both pink creations that will fill up the kids and keep them energize through all the party fun. We suggest using a cookie mold to shape your sandwiches, or making little wraps.

Princess party food fruit healthy ideas pink gold wonderbash

4. Princess Popcorn

Both little ones and big one’s alike tend to adore popcorn, and it’s so easy and cheap to make! Mix pink melted candy melts with the popped corn and make it extra fun & pretty by adding in pink m&m’s or cranberries, candy hearts, sprinkles, etc…

Princess popcorn food party ideas wonderbash

Smart tip: Pretty little pink popcorn bags can also make super sweet & cheap party favors that both kids & adults will love.

6. A Castle Cake

Creating a castle cake can seem a daunting project, but you can keep it as simple or intricate as you’d like and still achieve great results:

Princess castle cake party ideas pink gold wonderbash

Check out this video for the step by step:


1.Custom Profile Frames

This is one of those activities that turns into the perfect party favored that will be treasured by the kids and their parents forever. It may take a little while to get all of them done, but if you coordinate it will and have each child come throughout the entire event, it can be done! We suggest enlisting the help of a creative niece, or teenage friend’s daughter that could be in charge of the portraits for some extra allowance.

2. Make your own princess crown

All you need for this fun DIY princess party activity are some cardboard princess crown cutouts, gems, glitter and glue!

Princess party diy make your own crown game

3. Pin the kiss on the frog

This fun game will delight your young princess and add a touch of whimsy to your decor. It’s super easy with our FREE FROG PRINCE PRINTABLE that matches the rest of our Printable Princess Party Pack!

  1. Download the frog prince and kisses files for free below
  2. Print the frog prince sheet on poster size 20″ x 16 inches (about $12 at your local walmart, fedex office, etc..)
  3. Print as many of the kisses as you need on letter sized paper, and enjoy!



Princess party free printable

4. Princess photo booth

Set up some princess props, a pretty golden frame that the kids can stand behind and you’re well on your way to creating gorgeous photos of the event.

Princess party photo booth frame

5. Pass the crown around

This is a princess version of musical chairs, where the kids will all pass the crown around a circle, and when the music stops whoever is holding the crown is out and gets to be the next one to stop the music (a little treat to avoid anyone feeling left out 🙂

6. Princess jewel hunting

Download this free printable jewel template from minieco to make beautiful paper jewels and hide them around the house or yard.

The final princess touch:

The most important part of being a brave beautiful princess is on the inside, but since this is a fully themed princess party, it’s also the perfect occasion to be a princess on the outside and wear a pretty pink and gold outfit:

Princes party outfit crown tutu pink gold

We hope you enjoy planning this party as much as we enjoyed preparing this post for you! You can find our PRINCESS PRINTABLE DECOR PACK HERE and our matching PRINCESS INVITATIONS HERE:

Princess Party Decor Printable and Invitations

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