May the force be with you as you set out to prepare the ultimate Star Wars party for your young Jedi, Leia, Darth Vader, Trooper or other… in a galaxy not so far away!

Ultimate Star Wars Party Idea Post Inspiration WonderBash

When seeking inspiration to create our Star Wars printable decor party pack and matching invitation, we came along hundreds of brilliant ideas that we couldn’t wait to share with you. The Star Wars theme is not only great for both boys and girls, but also for adult birthday parties. Mixing the colors and galaxy theme in a bunch of simple DIY projects will lead to a jaw dropping party that’s not too hard on our budgets!


Blacks, whites & bright yellow are the key to the basic decor elements in this Star Wars party. Combine them with stars, space ships and character references with the following ideas:

1.Printable Decor

Star Wars Party Printables Vader Trooper Decor Invites WonderBash

No party is complete without toppers, labels, thank you tags, centerpieces and banners. We make it super easy for you with our Ultimate Printable Star Wars Decor Pack. You’ll find all of that and so much more to effortlessly bring your theme to life! You can find it here.

2. Galaxy Backdrop

Star Wars Party Backdrop Decor Ideas WonderBash

As a background to both your food table and your photos, you can create a stunning galaxy backdrop with some cheap black fabric or vinyl and acrylic paint. Keep it as simple or as intricate as you’d like: From basic dots that look like stars to spaceships and planets that you can either draw yourself or print off the internet and cut out.

3. Chinese lantern planets and tie fighter ships

Satr Wars Party Decor Chinese Lantern Space Ships Planets

Chinese lanterns are the less feminine version of pom-poms, and because we believe no party is complete without those, we suggest you use the lanterns to create hanging planets and space ships.

4. Light Sabers Galore

Light Sabers DIY pool noodle

Lightsabers are a must, no matter how you make them. We suggest using pool noodles and silver and black duct tape for the handles.

5. Trooper Everything

Star Wars Party Decor Snow Troopers

From painted jars and planters to faces, there’s never too many troopers!


For those detailed kitchen pros, the queens & kings of fondant and delicately shaped food creations; we have some ideas you won’t be able to resist. For the rest of us that might not be so adept with the edible art, there’s no need to worry! We suggest you get creative with the naming of your dishes to bring smiles and joy to the table, with delicious food basics such as Leia Buns (Mini Cinnamon Rolls), Han Burgers, Hutt Dogs, Wookie Cookies… We have so many more ideas for you below!

1.Star Wars Cupcakes

Star Wars Cupcakes Ideas Party WonderBash

These are the cupcakes you are looking for! Because even though the cupcake hype may be gone, these miniature cake wonders will always be a classic and we can’t resist the different interpretations of the star wars theme: Leia cupcakes, BB8 Cupcakes, Darth Vader Cupcakes and Storm Trooper Marshmallow cupcakes (as seen on the bottom left pic, they’re by far the easiest to make and just as cute and yummy)


2. Snow Trooper Marshmallows

Storm Trooper Marshmallows Star Wars Party

These marshmallows will bring so much wow bang for your buck. All you need are standard marshmallows and these edible black markers. Pop them on a pop them on a lolly stick, or use them to decorate cupcakes, give out as favors, etc…

3. Star Wars Fruit & Veggie Party Food

Star Wars Fruits Vegetables Party WonderBash

Who says they don’t keep it healthy on the other side of the universe? Make these colorful creations that no Star Wars fan will be able to resist! Fruit Sabers, Yoda Dip (Guac) with Trooper Scoopers, veggie sabers (long narrow cut carrots, celery and cucumbers)…

4. Star Wars Popcorn

Star Wars Party Popcorn Food Ideas

Because this all started with the movies after all, it wouldn’t be appropriate to leave the popcorn out and with these sweet and delicious ideas, we’re sure you won’t want to! Pop your corn and then toss it with melted white chocolate and colored M&Ms. Add a pretty container (super easy to make with the matching papers included in our printable party pack) and you’re set!

5. Tie Fighters

Tie Fighters Star Wars Party Food Ideas WonderBash

Create these ridiculously cute tie fighters in either sweet form with Oreo Thin Cookies & Marshmallows in the middle, or savory form by using Cheese crackers and cheese squares in the middle.

6. All the classic party munchies with witty Star Wars names

StarWars Food Labels WonderBash

Get creative with your naming, and make it pretty with our printable menu tent labels star wars.

7. Star Wars Cookies and Macaroons

Star Wars party Cookies Macaroons

Delicious & ridiculously good looking! Need we say more? (P.s. Can you tell that we’re excited for the upcoming release of Zoolander 2?!)

8. Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Party Cake Ideas WonderBash

Come to the dark side.. There will be cake! Just like our printable invites insinuate, cake is the perfect treat to end a party. You can get very detailed as you can see in some of the designs above but our favorites are the easy yet equally delicious creations seen at the bottom of the pic. With a Darth Vader Cake mold and some black icing, creating the perfect cake is a breeze! You could also just make your favorite cake, cover it in black fondant and then add some toy StarWars figures on top. There’s no need to go professional for a wonderful looking cake!


The possibilities for fun are unlimited in the Star Wars universe! Here are a couple of our favorites: Space ship pinatas, avoid the laser beam, walk through lava, trooper bowling & don’t drop the egg trouper.

Star Wars party activities games Wonder Bash

You can purchases this awesome bowling set on Amazon, or DIY it!

Star Wars Bowling Set WonderBash

We hope you enjoy prepping this party as much as we enjoyed putting this idea post together for you! If you’re ready to send out your invites, check out our Star Wars Invitations and Party Decor and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Invitations Printable Party WonderBash

Funny Valentines Free Printable Labels / Cards


For those who like to add a little fun to their Valentines, we have had a blast creating these funny valentines cards:


These funny Valentines labels are 3.5 x 5 inches, and they are set to print 4 to a page (on letter sized cardstock, or A4). You can download them for free here:


Let us know in the comments which other sentences you come up with and we’ll add them to our Valentines freebies next year!

Star Wars Valentines Printables Free Download


May the force be with you – as you set up to prepare this year’s Valentine’s day goodies 😉


We wanted to help you celebrate this fun holiday with some tags that would work for both boys, girls and adults alike and couldn’t resist the Star Wars theme. For fans of all ages, we integrated characters from the different movies: Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, BB-8, Leia, R2D2 etc… These Star Wars Labels would be great paired with some ‘light saber’ pixie sticks or little glow sticks, for a non-editable valentine gift. -OR- you could go the full DIY route, and make some delicious Star Wars shaped chocolates with these sweet candy molds.

These printable Star Wars Valentine Labels are 3.5 x 2.5 inches and are set to be printed on letter sized paper or cardstock.

You can download the full collection of Star Wars Valentines here:

Download free star wars valentines day printables

Let us know what other fun Star Wars Valentines quotes you come up with and we’ll keep them in mind for next year!


Free Valentine’s Day Printables: Donut Labels


DONUT forget Valentine’s day is around the corner! It’s time to roll out – get it, get it?? 😉 – your little gifts and Valentine’s labels.

Donuts Valentines Labels Freebie Free Printable Download

Here at WonderBash, we’ve declared ourselves lovers of all things sweet, and we know you cannot resist a free downloadable treat 😉 Donuts seem to have become more popular than ever (who know that was even possible) so we have created these fun Valentine’s donuts labels for you. They are great for any age group or gender (because let’s face it, who doesn’t love donuts?) and they would make a great addition to a mini donut pack (sold at most supermarkets in large individually wrapped boxes) or you could also go the DIY route, and make the sweetest donuts using these heart shaped molds.

The donut valentine’s labels are 2.5 x 3.5″ each, and are set to print 8 to a letter sized page. You can download them below, and don’t forget to let us know which other fun Valentine’s themes you’d like to see and we’ll keep them in mind for our next freebie!

Download free valentines labels donut


Free Printable Minnie Party Plate Ears

Throwing a Minnie Mouse party?

Well put on your ears, cause it’s time for cheers! We bring you the cutest FREE PRINTABLE to add Minnie Mouse ears & bow to your party plates. Just download, print and stick them to standard black party plates.

Ear Plate Printables Minnie Party Ideas WonderBash

The Minnie theme is great for birthdays & baby showers and this is a super easy craft, that will personalize your buffet experience 🙂


Download Minnie Mouse Party Plate Decor WonderBash

Looking for more sweet printables to bring your party to life?

You can see our full Minnie Mouse Party pack here, and our matching invites here.

Minnie mouse party decor printable pack toppers banner labels ideas blush pink gold wonderbash