MINNIE MOUSE PARTY GUIDE – Throw the sweetest blush pink & gold minnie bash with printable invitations, decor, and more!

Put on your ears, it’s time for cheers!

Let us help you throw a sweet & chic Minnie Mouse pink & gold wonder bash; This theme is perfect for birthdays & baby showers, and mixing the colors with different textures and patterns provides us with endless decor ideas to create an unforgettable Minnie Mouse party for little ones and big ones alike. Start by sending out our printable Minnie Mouse Invitations and follow our guide below for tons of great decor, food & games/activity ideas!

Minnie Mouse Party Decor Ideas Pack Printable Pink Gold


The key for a harmonious party is to determine the color palette early on and stick to it throughout all our decor choices. Minnie’s go-to outfit may be red & black, but every girl loves a little pink and gold for special occasions, and we’re planning a party so we’ve chosen these colors to create a sweet & very chic ambiance.

Minnie Mouse Blush Pink Gold Glitter Party Decor

1. One of the most important items of your Minnie Mouse party decor will be the backdrop. Generally acting as the centerpiece of the party space, it anchors all your other decor items and it’s one of the easiest to make! Tissue paper, fabric and paper cutouts are all you need for some serious wow-effect! Place your buffet table in front of it, and fill it with wonders, or use it as the background to the sweetest party photos 🙂 We love these:

Minnie birthday party decor backdrop ideas

2. For a nice, custom touch, buy paper mache letters, and wrap them up in fabric, or spray paint gold to create a centerpiece with a name or number of your choice. You can even add little black ears, or other Minnie Mouse details to make them extra special. This will also make a great souvenir to decorate the child’s room for years to come.

Minnie Letters Cardboard custom party decorations pink gold baby

3. DIY the cutest Minnie Mouse ear plates by downloading our FREE PRINTABLE and sticking them to standard black party plates. It’s such an easy craft, and it will immediately transform your buffet experience 🙂

First birthday party minnie mouse plates ears decor ideas

4. Create an unforgettable party full of magical little details with our full Minnie Mouse Party Printable Pack; It includes a customizable banner, welcome sign, buffet labels, favor tags, cupcake toppers, bottle and cutlery wraps, photo props, little Minnie bows for straws, and so much more!

Minnie mouse party decor printable pack toppers banner labels ideas blush pink gold wonderbash

5. Because we believe the – P – in party stands for Pom-Poms, no party can ever be complete without them. We suggest using them to create the cutest Minnie head centerpieces:

Pompoms party decor girls themes minnie pink

6. Jars are a seriously useful decor item, as well as easy to make! You have many options, but our favorite doubles as a party favor that no one will be able to resist: Buy straw mason jar lids, and paint a little minnie onto the tall jars with each guest’s name inside for them to use throughout the party and then take home with them!

Custom mason jars cute ideas minnie mouse polks pink gold

7. Hand out our Minnie & Mickey photo prop ears (included in our printable party pack) to each guest as they arrive and take pictures throughout to make an album that will remind you of all the fun in the future.

Minnie party photo props printable


Anything pink, gold and Minnie themed will do the trick! Below are some of our favorite delicious treats that will make your ear-clad guests swoon.

Minnie mouse party food birthday baby shower ideas

1. Start with some Mickey molds – we call them casual Minnie, before she puts her bow on 😉 – and use them to create the sweetest cookie making station (read: Less work for you, more fun for your guests) or decorate them with fondant in black and pink:

Cookies food ideas Minnie bows party girls

2. Use these same molds to create a Minnie Mouse Sandwich bar (Apply them to just the bread, or go crazy and do Minnie shaped ham, cheese, tomatoes…) Or you could also make an ice-cream sandwich version 🙂

minnie mouse party food ideas sandwiches bar healthy

3. Cupcakes are a must; some say the trend is over, but we believe they are a classic. Get some Minnie (Mini) oreos to use as ears, a little bit of pink frosting and you’re set 🙂 You can also buy gold cupcake wraps here. Make sure to prepare your recipe with as much chocolate as possible to make the cupcakes dark. Yummmyyy.

Cupcakes pink gold minnie mouse party

4. The cake is the most important part, especially for birthday parties. Go detailed with fondant creations or keep it simple with a flat base that you can cut to a Minnie shape and decorate with frosting.

minnie birthday cake ideas pink gold girls babies

5. Keep it healthy with multiple fruit choices arranged in Minnie shapes:

Birthday party first birthday food healthy fruits Minnie mouse

6. Anything pink and golden works to make your buffet table prettier, and there are endless delicious options: Pink popcorn, pretzels, golden covered chocolates, pink lemonade…

Minnie sweet ideas party menu


Minnie mouse party activities games pinata

1. Pin the ribbon on Minnie is one of the easiest games to create: Buy a large black cardboard and cut it to Minnie shape, then use the ribbons included in our printable pack to give out to the kids for some classic fun.

2. Create a fun piñata, and fill it up with little Minnie themed treats and sweets.

3. Print out these free coloring sheets, give out some crayons and let the coloring fun ensue (make sure you have a coloring appropriate surface for the little ones that don’t quite know how to paint inside the lines yet)

4. Print some photo props (included with our pack) and strike a pose. Make sure you have set up a pretty backdrop and use our editable sign to create something along the lines of ‘Put on your ears, it’s time for cheers!’ for the entrance of the photo area where you can place the props).

5. For baby showers, check out our printable ‘Wishes for Baby’ sheets. Give one to each guest to create an unforgettable memory book that both baby and mommy will cherish for years to come.

A little something extra:

All details count, and cute Minnie outfits will add to the magic. Here are some of our favorites:

Baby tutu Minnie Mouse

We hope you enjoy planning this party as much as we enjoyed preparing this post for you! You can find our MINNIE MOUSE PRINTABLE DECOR PACK HERE and our matching MINNIE MOUSE INVITATIONS HERE:

Minnie Mouse Printable Invitation Party Pink Gold

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